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We focus on providing massage therapy that helps clients feel better, move better and live better lives whether it be for stress relief, pain management or injury recovery. 

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Looking for the perfect gift? Give your family or friends the gift of massage! Gift cards are available online or I have plastic gift cards available at your next session! 

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Amy is amazing! She is compassionate and caring and listens to your concerns and your needs. She makes helpful recommendations without being pushy and respects your wishes. I had been receiving physical therapy for almost 2 months and after seeing Amy yesterday, my shoulder feels the best it's felt in a long time. She addressed what I felt physical therapy was not. Thank you, Amy!

Karen M. 2/9/19

What is cupping therapy?

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Cupping is an ancient therapy used thousands of years ago in Egyptian and Chinese cultures. Using silicone and plastic cups, it creates negative pressure and suction, it lifts muscle and fascia tissue while also engaging and improving the circulatory, respiratory, lymphatic and nervous systems. Schedule a cupping session today! 


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We are located within Sky Salon Suites. When parking, look for the blue sign in front. 

We do not accept walk-in appointments. We are by appointment only. Please check the online calendar for available appointment times. 

First time clients are required to call, text or email to book an appointment. 

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846 75th St., Suite 115 Willowbrook, IL 60527

(630) 755-8850


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