Client Testimonials


From Google

I had an amazing experience here! My massage therapist Amy was very friendly and skilled. She went out of her way to make sure I had a comfortable and effective massage. I would recommend Bonsai Bodywork to anyone! 

Kristina P. 


This is so much more than your run of the mill massage, the educated caring staff actually provides a care plan, offering tons of service add ons at no extra cost. Im amazed at how I feel, highly recommend!



I highly reccomend Amy as a massage therapist! She really does stand apart from all other therapists I've gone to! I let Her know about all of the pain I had from my sciatic area, neck & back issues and she really helped relieve Pain that I  Had been dealing with for over 2 years. I am normally in pain the next day or so after a massage. Being a yoga instructor, I need to be able to bounce back, teach, and not have to worry about pain. Amy is the only one who has given me the ability to do that, while still helping me work out what I need to manage my body!

Amy W. 


Amy is wonderful! I leave the appointment feeling relaxed and refreshed.  She listens to what is ailing me each massage and makes sure to focus on that first. I recommend her to anyone and everyone who asks.

Maria L. 


Amy is the best massage therapist. I leave there feeling very relaxed and all my tense muscles are gone!! She always asks if there is anything new going on regarding pain anywhere on my body and if there is, she will focus on that particular problem and fix it! I highly recommend Amy. She does excellent work and you will not be disappointed!!

Denise C. 



From Facebook

Amy is amazing! She is compassionate and caring and listens to your concerns and your needs. She makes helpful recommendations without being pushy and respects your wishes. I had been receiving physical therapy for almost 2 months and after seeing Amy yesterday, my shoulder feels the best it's felt in a long time. She addressed what I felt physical therapy was not. Thank you, Amy!

Karen M. 


I had an amazing experience here! My massage therapist Amy was very friendly and skilled. She went out of her way to make sure I had a comfortable and effective massage. I would recommend Bonsai Bodywork to anyone!

Kristina R. 


I love getting massages from Amy! Started seeing her years ago and continue to see her because she is an excellent massage therapist. She has the right combination of providing a relaxing massage, yet getting to the deep tissue for relief. I highly recommend her!

Luan R. 


As a fellow massage therapist, I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Amy. Her work is not only logical and clinically informed, but also deeply intuitive. She listens to you as a person and then listens to your body with her hands in the most profound way. She doesn’t just “work an area” mindlessly, but instead delves into the depths of your tissues like a curious and gentle explorer. During a session with her, trying to explain the experience, I said “It feels like there’s a whole universe in there.” I came to her with an issue that has kept me from running for over a year. I’ve been through many therapies and visited a number of massage therapists and at the end of my session with Amy I said “I feel like you can actually help me.” You won’t find a talent like hers just anywhere. 

Drea D

. 4/5/18

Amy is a truly exceptional massage therapist, not only because she gives a very relaxing & therapeutic massage, but she cares: she listens to you & gives the best massage to help w/ issues. I love the work she does & would recommend to my friends

Ginny W. 


I was referred to Amy for massage and am so glad I was. She really listened to me and focused on my problem areas. I will be going back for sure!

Nicole G. 


Amy is an exceptional body worker! I'm glad I made the decision to start seeing her regularly. It's made such a huge difference in my stress and pain management. She has helped tremendously with my headaches and tendonitis. I don't know what I'd do without her!

Melissa G. 



From Yelp

Amy is a terrific massage therapist.  There is no cookie-cutter massage here...your experience is based on your distinct needs.  Amy is deliberate and careful about her approach to your massage and the results reflect that.  Make it a routine to see Amy for massage and you will notice an improvement in your quality of life!

Jen B.


Amy is an amazing masseuse! She listens to what is ailing you each visit and focuses on that first before she moves on to other areas.  Her studio is very warm and inviting and the music and temperature are perfect! The massage I booked was for 60 minutes and it was a true 60 minute massage, no shortening to allow time for undressing/dressing... that is built into the appointment time without impacting the massage time. Her pricing is affordable too, especially compared to some of the bigger chains out there.  I will definitely return again and again! The location is very easy to find as well. I highly recommend Amy & Bonsai Bodywork!!!

Nicolette V. 


One massage with Amy and you will never go to anyone else!.  Her professionalism, her demeanor, her ability to listen and focus on what your needs are are unparalleled.    She is well versed in various methods of massage which makes it nice if you are interested in trying something new.  The space is relaxing and calming, pricing is competitive, it's easy to book online, but most importantly Amy is a true craftsman at what she does.   You won't be disappointed!

Melissa A.